Friday, March 2, 2007

Step Four: Making Yourself Stand Out, Part Three: Collateral Information

Ask yourself what one other possible piece of information might be helpful to your specific situation.

Haven't parented before? Have someone write a letter who has seen you with children -- a neighbor, a friend you've babysat for, a pastor in whose church you have taught Sunday school.

Have a lot of kids? Include something like 15 Reasons why Large Adoptive Families Make Great Resources for Waiting Children.

Looking to adopt a medically fragile child? Include a letter from a clinic or hospital where you have volunteered.

The idea with this collatoral information is that it shows people that you have thought things through. It can be as unique as you are.


ladynoogs45744 said...

I have a question, about religous preferences. Do they realy count? say a kid "loves going to church and singing in a chior" but our homestudy says "they dont belong to any organized religion" adn of course our homestudy talks of how we view all religions as equals and non are more right or wrong than the other and no longer belong to the religon we were raised in.... can that be harmful?

Claudia said...

I think it depends on the social worker. If he/she feels church is important it will influence them more.

It also depends on the degree of desperation the social workers are feeling at the time.

I have seen as many social workers overlook this part as I have ones that insist on a "religious match."