Thursday, February 8, 2007

A Series on Matching

In the first 5 years of my marriage, I filled our home with 9 children and we were matched with a tenth. I found that I had a gift (relentless and persistent, yet appropriate and inoffensive, nagging of all parties) which led to matches.

Running out of bedspace, I decided to focus my efforts in getting kids home, but into a different home than mine. In the next five years (which are the past five), I have helped 240 children make it home. I have over 60 more kids matched and waiting for paperwork to go through before they will be able to go home with their families. Through my work with the Adopt America Network and my employment with a private adoption agency, I match families with children. It is my passion and it fills much of my time.

When thinking about relevant topics to post on this blog, I decided to go with the one thing I know most about: the matching process.... both how it works, how to make a match happen, and how to keep from going crazy while you wait.

I will be happy to field questions, and hope that this series will develop into a useful tool for anyone in the matching process. Here are the posts in the series:

Step One: Assessment; Part One: What Kind of Children do we Want

Step One: Assessment; Part Two: What Kind of Children are Available.

Step One: Assessment; Part Three: What Kind of State Do I Live In.

Step One: Assessment; Part Four: What Kind of Agency Do I Have

Step One: Assessment; Part Five: What Kind of Family Are We

Step One: Asseesment; Part Six: How Prepared Are We

Step One: Assesment; Part Seven: Putting it All Together

Step Two: Networking

Matching Principle: Don't Fall in Love with a Picture

Matching Principle: Stay as Distant as Possible

Matching Principle: It's About the Kids

Step Three: Checking Out the Photolistings

Step Four: Making Yourself Stand Out; Part One: A Profile Page.

Step Four: Making Yourself Stand Out; Part Two: A Cover Letter.

Step Four: Making Yourself Stand Out: Part Three: Collateral Information.

Step Four: Making Yourself Stand Out: Part Four: A Scrapbook.

Step Five: Making a Final Decision After You Are Matched.

Step Six: Preplacement Visits.


Susan said...

I LOVE this and intend to give this out to as many families as possible.

Heather said...

I would have soaked this up like a sponge when we were waiting! I'm spreading it around too. Great Job! Heather

Gary W. Vollan said...

Thanks for sharing Claudia. You are awesome and I appreciate you and what you do for the children, families and workers. May the Lord bless and keep you---gary w. vollan

Felicia said...

Thank you so much for this, it will be a huge help during our journey!!

PeWee said...

This is the kid of information we need, as we are trying to find "our child/ren" now. I will read every single word!